As of week commencing Monday 21st June 2021 our new stall pricing structure and sizing will come into effect. Stall size will increase to double what they currently are and stalls will be renumbered prior to the 21st to reflect this.

The decision has been taken to change the pricing structure to make pricing simpler and fairer across all days.

Due to the increased size of the stalls there will be no spreading across other stalls permitted. Should you spread to other stalls as of the 21st you will then be charged for the additional stalls used.

Those of you who have a regular stall will be allocated a new stall and number in the coming weeks as close as possible to your current location.

As restrictions lift we will be looking to run events alongside many of the markets to increase footfall and promote the markets on offer further.

Yours sincerely,

Sameena King

Market Manager for Accrington Market

Peel Street, Accrington BB5 1ER