The team at Slacks Farm Butchers have wished long-standing employee, Deborah Bowers, good luck as she starts her retirement.

Deborah joined the team 11 years ago and has been a valued member of the business ever since. Serving customers for over a decade she became a well-known face on both the deli and butchers.

Before joining Slack’s Farm Butchers, Deborah worked at Peggy’s Café for 10 years. Her 21-year stint in the Accrington market has not gone unnoticed by customers and traders alike who came together for a socially distanced send-off.

Well Wishes

The staff at Slacks paid tribute to Deborah’s dedication saying “After 11 years working for us on both the butchers and deli it’s now time for Deb to hang up her apron. Everyone who knows Deb will know that she is one of, if not the most caring, loving lady that you can ever meet.’’

The market hall has also said goodbye to Deborah with a tribute. The market manager bid farewell and said ‘’Wishing a long and happy retirement to Deborah today, after 21 years at Accrington Market, from all the staff and traders.’’

The best wishes were echoed by many of the traders and the staff at Accrington Market Hall who said “A lovely send-off today from Slacks Butchers and Slacks Deli.”

Slacks Farm Butchers

Slacks themselves are a long-established trader in Accrington Market. Located just through the door from Smith’s, they have both a deli and butchers. They sell a vast range of pies, sandwiches and cooked meats at the deli. From the butchers, they have an outstanding selection of BBQ treats, Sunday roast options and family favourites.

As Deborah closed the shutters on her final day Slacks Farm Butchers said goodbye to not just a co-worker, but a lifelong friend.

“She is not just a work colleague she’s a friend. Over the years we have laughed, cried and made many memories and it has been an absolute pleasure. So Deb we want to wish you a very happy retirement. We all love you dearly and you will always be part of The Slacks Farm Butchers family.”

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