The borough of Hyndburn has a strong market tradition which continues to be built upon today. The history of Accrington Market can be traced back to the early 1300’s. The stalls and their wares have evolved over time but the central focus of the town remains the same.

We are proud to have the spectacular Grade 2 Listed Market Hall situated on the new Town Square. The central location is next door to the equally stunning Town Hall. It is also adjacent to many well-known shopping streets.

The History of Accrington Market – The Building

The corner stone of the splendid building was laid in May 1868 by Mr S Dugdale who was a prominent figurehead in the area at that time. The grand opening ceremony took place one year later with a magnificent event fit for the grandeur of the building.

The opening brought people from far and wide and included a procession of thousands of celebrants. They were entertained with an evening concert with performances from famous opera singers and pianists.

The building is architecturally outstanding with carved stone figures adorning the front of the building. If you look in detail, you can see they represent market produce, pheasants, sheep, fruit and vegetables.

More History Within

The History of Accrington Market does not stop there. Step inside and more history can be found with a scaled down version of the 1909 Double Brick Press machine.

This fantastic piece was created by the late Thurston Smith. Mr Smith of Clayton-le-Moors worked at the brickworks in the 1970s. Sadly, he passed away in 1984 aged 76.

He did however take measurements of the original machine because it was the last factory in the area using it to produce bricks. He spent thousands of hours making the working replica between 1978 and 1980. The bricks were also used as a platform for his model steam engines which are stationed at Oswaldtwistle Mills.

After the factory’s closure, owners Hanson Building Products donated the machine to Hyndburn council. It is available to view in Accrington Market and only seeks to add to the history and heritage of the area.

More info on this fascinating machine can be found here.

The Market Today

The indoor and outdoor market stalls offer a wide range of products and services. Behind the carved façade lies a treasure trove of traders who pride themselves on their finest, freshest, produce and goods.

As a well-known town in the region, Accrington has long standing customers who travel to take advantage of the goods available. From fresh food and drink to clothes or electrical equipment, so there is a stall to meet the needs of every shopper.

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