Most asked

Who runs Accrington Market?
Hyndburn Borough Council run the Accrington Market. There is a team of staff who report to Council Members.
Can I sell products already being sold in the Market?
This is allowed. If you have a specific enquiry please contact the market office as a balance of trades must be maintained and priority is given to trades which are not already represented.
What items am I not allowed to sell in the Market?
We do not allow the sale of weapons and knives of any type. We do not allow the sale of imitation goods.
Can I park my car in the service yard all day?
No. The service yard is to be utilized by you (vehicle registration taken upon signing lease) for loading and unloading only, for a period no longer than forty five minutes.

The service yard it monitored by ANPR camera, if you exceed the time limit without prior agreement from the Market Office, you will be fined.

Can my family and customers park in the service yard?
No, please see previous answer.
What does the service charge pay for?
The service charge helps the council to cover the cost of general maintenance and repairs, building insurance, cleaning of common areas, heating, lifts, caretaking and porterage, lighting, alarms and management.
Are there any other charges I would need to pay?
Each stallholder is responsible for their own electricity usage bill.
Can I have my own phone line?
Will you decorate my stall?
Every stall is cleaned, cleared and freshly painted before a new trader takes possession. If you require a certain colour this can be discussed.
Who pays for fixtures and fittings?
Each stall has minimal fixtures and fittings as each businesses requirements differ. Each trader must procure fixtures and fitting they wish to use.
Do you run incentives for new traders?
Periodically the Council may decide to run new trader incentives. Please contact the office to see if there are any running at the time of your enquiry.
What marketing support do you offer?

The Market team can do the following to ensure you have the best chance in letting local residents know your business is open, where you are, when you are there and what you do/sell;

  1. Help/implement a static Facebook Page detailing your business name, contact details, products and images.
  2. Create a trader listing and page on the Markets own website
  3. Promote any offers on the Markets Instagram and Facebook pages
  4. Write and distribute a ‘New Trader’ press release
  5. Provide marketing advice on promoting your business
  6. Introduce you to local Facebook Groups who can help promote your offering
  7. Provide you with data on website analytics pertaining to your business


Contact Details

Accrington Market Hall
Peel Street

Telephone: 01254 233 816

Trader Access Times

Monday: 6am – 6pm
Tuesday: 6am – 6pm
Wednesday: 6am – 6pm*
Thursday: 6am – 6pm
Friday: 6am – 6pm
Saturday: 6am – 6pm
Sunday: Closed

* Please seek approval from the office for access when the Hall is closed.


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