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Green Leaf

Green Leaf Accrington

Green Leaf are stockists

of CBD products

Sales of all CBD products including liquids, balms, creams, bath bombs and CBD vape liquid.  We also have CBD infused skin care products, drops and sprays.

Come and see us, we are in the Accrington Market Hall.  We also offer… Free Local Deliveries

Call us on: 07481 847 067

Location: Inside Stall 7

Michael Cranney and Margaret Smethurst

07481 847 067


CBD products we sell:

  • Broad Spectrum 600mg, 1200mg, 2400mg
  • Pure Oral Drops 600mg, 1200mg, 2400mg
  • CBD Oral Spray 600mg, 1200mg,2400mg
  • Pure CBD Isolate Vape, 125 mg  x 10ml
  • CBD Muscle Balm, 300mg  x 50ml
  • Relax Drops 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg
  • CBD Skin Cream, 300mg x 100ml
  • CBD anti Ageing Cream,  300mg  x  50ml
  • CBD Exfoliator Cream, 100mg  x 100ml
  • Dry Skin Cream, 200mg  x 50ml
  • CBD Anti Blemish Cream, 200mg x 50ml
  • Bath Bombs, 100mg


Mon – Tue: 9AM – 3PM

Thursday: 9AM – 3PM

Fri-Sat: 9AM – 3PM

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5% off in June