New Stall: Wood Creations (Balcony N1)
Up to 2 hours free parking in Accrington
Local products – sold by local people
We are open 6 days a week
New Stall: Balcony Brides (Location: Balcony W6)
Have your own pop-up stall for only £20!

Hyndburn Heritage Museum

Have you explored the only market hall museum in England?

Completely FREE to enter, be guided by bottleologist, George J Whittaker, who has dug up 90% of the museum’s collection.

Full of fascinating stories – you’re sure find items you’ve never seen before and learn more about Hyndburn’s rich industrial heritage from colourful bottles to medical equipment, home essentials and textile industry equipment. Be fascinated, educated and inspired.


Location: Inside 21 & 22

George James Whittaker

01254398367 & 07926348094

Bringing history to life so much to look at you will not be disappointed

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